Moving on after the High School Vote (LTE, B’ham Eccentric, May 13, 2012)

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all sides, the Board, administration, OBU, and B20/20, for their efforts to resolve the BHS high school issue. Everyone made their best case for why their arguments were the right ones. There is no longer any ambiguity over what this community wants its high schools to be in the future. The bond proposal was clear and the voting results overwhelming. This debate is over.

There are many other major issues, though, that this school district must address. Some of these issues are educational, some financial, and many both. They impact our children's education, people's lives and careers, and our tax dollars. They need to be discussed in an open and honest way and resolved so that, like the high school issue, we can make decisions as a community and move on.

The Community Partnership Committee (CPC) process is currently the best way for members of the public to be able to voice their opinions on all of these subjects and to have their voices heard. As a member of all of the sub-committees, I know that ALL opinions are welcome in these committees. Everyone will be given the respect that they deserve. If a person believes that they have been treated unfairly, I will personally work to resolve the situation. The only way that is process will work is if everyone who wants to be involved is given that opportunity.

The semi-annual joint meeting of the Board and the CPC is on Tuesday, May 15th at 6:30 pm at the Doyle. At this time, there will be a review of the achievements of the past 5 months and a discussion of the goals for the rest of the year. I encourage everyone who is interested in the future direction of the BHS district to attend.

Howard Baron
1355 Juniper Lane
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
(248) 855-1951