Downtown Magazine recently endorsed Howard Baron.

“Bloomfield Hills School Board

Incumbents HOWARD BARON, PAUL KOLIN and JASON PAULATEER have been strong stewards for the Bloomfield Hills Schools Board, and are deserving of another term…”

David and Helen Addison  – “Howard is an exceptional candidate for the school board because of his demonstrated financial experience and we feel he will be fully committed to serving the Bloomfield Hills school district.”

Phil Appel

Lynn Beckerman

Mark Bank, Trustee, BHSB

Jim and Karen Berger

Vita & George Caravias

Peggy and Walter Cohen, Trustee Bloomfield TWP. Library

Peter & Kathy Connolly

Diana Constance

Stephanie Crider – “I have worked with Howard as a member of the Community Partnership Committee. Howard’s leadership has significantly contributed to our efforts to establish strong relationships in the community. He is always objective and fair, creating an environment that welcomes everyone to participate in our outreach efforts. I trust Howard’s judgment and believe that he will positively impact our community.”

Rennlyn DeClaire

Kareen Donegan

Downtown Publications — “Newcomer Howard Baron should be given a seat at the table . . . .His fresh ideas will augment the thinking of the board.” (October, 2012)

Joanna Drucker

Tom and Maureen Edson

Pat Ellis

W. Frank Fountain, Retired Senior VP, Chrysler, LLC

Grant Gerhart, Trustee, Bloomfield TWP. Library

Michael and Pat Gerendasy

Jon and Lauren Goldstein

Ned & Elisa Greenberg

Pauline Jackson

Darrell Johnson – “I am pleased to endorse Howard. I am a Bloomfield Township Resident and 2012 9th District GOP national delegate.  I am impressed by Howard’s sense of fiscal responsibility and financial literacy. He is capable of balancing public education outcomes & complexities with a more independent & flexible self-supporting financial model than many others. Howard will help keep Bloomfield an exemplary district without relying heavily on the public domain to finance or facilitate. He will help provide what most want: the best education for a vibrant graduate who is positioned for a secure life.”

William F. Jones, CEO, Focus Hope

Joe JudgeI’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know Howard Baron during the school bond debate and now as a candidate for the School Board. I find him to be an intelligent and inde pendent thinker. His financial background and understanding of fiscal issues will, if elected, be skills put to good use as we chart a path forward during what, by all accounts, could be a challenging period for our District. I trust Howard to understand the financial challenges coming from Lansing and to be a strong and articulate advocate for our District. He’s a solutions-oriented guy and his work on the Community Partnership Committees shows a strong commitment to enhancing the dialogue between the School Board and the Community. He certainly has my vote and I wish him good luck in the upcoming election.

Bob and Gayle Lisiecki

Pauline Mengebier

Richard Moxley

Jack and Linda Palmer

Pat and Rebecca Peterson

Dan Redstone

Leo Savoie, Bloomfield Township Supervisor – “As Bloomfield Township Supervisor, I have had a number of conversations with Howard Baron about both township and school district topics.  He does his homework, listens to both sides, and then develops well-reasoned and level headed solutions to the often contentious issues that confront us.  I know that Howard will be valuable asset to have on the Bloomfield Hills School Board and I look forward to working with him there to keep the area a magnificent place to live.

Jon and Pam Schofield

John Scholl

Charles & Elisabeth Gaba

Elliot & Carole Solomon

Merle & Jack Solway

Elizabeth Stieg

Eric Winkelman

Tim and Jennifer Wyman

Christian and Lisa Zammit